Cypress Acquires a 6th Business

On the heels of a strong 2010, Cypress is anticipating a record year in 2011 with all of our companies contributing to this outstanding performance. In addition, we are pleased to announce that we have just acquired Tem-Pace, LLC, our sixth operating company.

The New Business

Founded in 1987 and located in Niles, Michigan, Tem-Pace manufactures custom tempered glass, serving markets such as recreational vehicle, truck cap, door and window, furniture, retail display, lighting, and more. Processes include CNC cutting, edging, and drilling as well as screen printing and tempering. Using controlled thermal treatments, tempering enhances strength and enables glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular pieces which are less likely to cause injury. For this reason, tempered glass is preferred in a variety of transportation, construction, and other applications.

Future Opportunities

Over the past three years, Cypress has acquired four businesses (two new "platforms" and two add-ons to existing businesses).

Eager to continue this momentum, Cypress seeks to make control equity investments in basic industrial companies that can be leveraged and then operated autonomously. Distress and turn-around situations are viewed as opportunities. We are seeking companies with sales of $20 to $80 million but smaller opportunities are considered when they are a natural fit with a current operating company or located in or near our existing footprint. Our long-term ownership model aligns well with the desires of entrepreneurial or family owners who are concerned about securing a stable future for their life's work.

Should you know of an acquisition opportunity that fits our criteria, please forward it to our attention.