What We Look For

Basic Industrial Companies

Ausco Tredit The Cypress Companies actively pursues new acquisitions. We seek to make control equity investments in basic industrial companies that can be operated autonomously. We are largely opportunistic - focusing our analysis on specific opportunities, rather than starting with a top-down view of a particular industry or sector.

Ausco Tredit

More Specifically…

We are presently focusing on companies with EBITDA that exceeds $1 million, located in North America. Smaller companies may be considered when they are a natural fit with a current operating company or are located within or near our existing Midwest footprint.

Distress and turn-around situations are viewed as opportunities.

Our flexible approach, patient capital, and desire to maintain what's worked in the past often complements family- and founder-owned businesses. This is especially true in cases where an owner wishes to gracefully exit his or her role while ensuring longevity and commitment to the business that they created.

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