Our Approach

Experience has taught us that who you do business with, and how you do business with them, are just as important as the actual transaction. To this end, we want potential business partners to understand our motivations and values.

The Cypress Companies believes in:

  • The free enterprise system and individual initiative.
  • Providing genuine value to our customers and clear reasons, beyond fair and competitive prices, to choose our products.
  • Sharing successes with all our associates through profit sharing and other incentive compensation plans.
  • Providing opportunities for our associates through training and education; promotion from within; and building our companies to be competitive, long-term suppliers within their markets.
  • Open, two-way communication with our associates, customers, vendors and lenders.
  • Independent, highly autonomous management teams for our companies.
  • Responsible stewardship of our financial resources.
  • Living by the golden rule: treat others as we wish to be treated.

And, finally, The Cypress Companies believes that each of our companies is only as good as its people - all of its people.