Our Companies

The businesses that make up The Cypress Companies share a common focus on industrial operations that process basic materials like steel, rubber, plastic, and glass. They are located across the Midwest.

Ausco Products, Inc.
Benton Harbor, Michigan

Ausco manufactures off-highway brakes for the construction, agriculture, mining, turf care, and recreational vehicle markets. Offering multiple different wet and dry brake technologies, the company specializes in multi-disc, mechanical and hydraulic caliper, as well as ball ramp designs. Ausco prides itself on approaching each unique customer challenge with a clean-sheet engineering philosophy, enabling it to bring the full talents of its engineering team to every new assignment. The company's modern manufacturing methods are founded upon a heritage that dates to the earliest days of industry in the United States, including supplying components for some of Henry Ford's first automobiles. www.auscoproducts.com

Riker Products, Inc.
Toledo, Ohio

Riker fabricates exhaust and coolant systems for the heavy-duty truck, bus, construction, mining, agricultural, and other off-road vehicle industries, as well as marine industries. These systems include mufflers, pipes, tubes, stacks, clamps, brackets, and associated parts. With a history spanning back to the 1930s, Riker is one of the most capable custom tube benders in the United States. Facing ever-tightening vehicle emission standards and thermal management requirements, the company employs its skill in metal forming, assembly, and welding to deliver increasingly sophisticated exhaust products to market-leading vehicle OEMs. Riker blends both the art and science of tube bending to tackle customer jobs in a variety of volumes, materials, sizes, and other variants. www.rikerprod.com

Paragon Tempered Glass, LLC
Niles, Michigan / Antwerp, Ohio

Paragon is a specialty glass fabricator offering custom solutions to a variety of end markets including transportation, commercial and home fixtures, illumination and many others. Products include both flat and bent tempered glass. The company was formed through the integration of two Cypress acquisitions: Tem-Pace, LLC (2011) and Spec-Temp, LLC (2012) who had formerly been long-running rivals. While they still may disagree on college football Saturdays, it has been inspiring to watch the progress that has come from breaking down barriers to enable open communication and sharing of best practices. www.paragontemperedglass.com

Tredit Tire & Wheel Company, Inc.
Elkhart, Indiana

Tredit is the leading distributor of tires, wheels and related accessories to trailer OEMs throughout North America, including recreational vehicle (RV), cargo, utility, marine, horse/livestock, and heavy-duty equipment. With multiple locations across the United States, it is uniquely positioned to fulfill the differing local needs of its largest national customers in each of their individual markets. In fact, Tredit manages the specialized transportation and logistics aspects of increasingly complex global supply chains to ensure just-in-time deliveries to its North American customers. www.tredittire.com

Universal Polymer & Rubber, LLC
Middlefield, Ohio

In 1970, rubber tarp straps and gaskets formed the origins of UP&R. Those products remain core to what it does today as a custom manufacturer of molded rubber and extruded rubber, as well as extruded plastic parts. In fact, UP&R is one of the largest suppliers of pipe gaskets today. The company produces primarily domestically, yet maintains international partnerships with Asian suppliers. This flexibility enables UP&R to meet customer needs across a wide variety of polymer compounds, designs, specifications, and desired price points. From the decks of aircraft carriers to flatbed trailers across North America, from fire suppression pumps to automotive brake pedals to water and sewer pipes, UP&R's products can be found almost anywhere. Among others, UP&R acquired Dybrook Products, Inc. in 2012 and Universal Rubber & Plastics Corporation in 2014. www.universalpolymer.com