Industry Veterans Combine to Deliver Enhanced Glass Tempering Capabilities

Niles, MI - June 4, 2012 - Today, Tem-Pace, LLC ("Tem-Pace") is pleased to announce its completion of the acquisition of Atwood Spec-Temp Glass ("Spec-Temp") from Atwood Mobile Products, LLC. Tem-Pace, LLC is an operating company of The Cypress Companies in Akron, OH.

Both Tem-Pace and Spec-Temp excel in specialty glass fabrication and tempering, including flat, bent, and insulated glass. Using controlled thermal treatments, tempering enhances strength and enables glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular pieces which are less likely to cause injury. For this reason, tempered glass is preferred in a variety of transportation, construction, and other applications.

Today's acquisition makes years of anticipation a reality as two long-time veterans of the fabricated glass tempering industry join forces.  The two companies look forward to collaborating to enhance quality, delivery, and to better meet the high expectations of their customers.

Immediate customer-facing benefits of the combination include:

  • Redundancy & Backup- Both locations have historically specialized in fast-turn-around, high-mix, low-volume production making them highly complementary. Production will remain active in both the Niles, Michigan and Antwerp, Ohio locations creating a level of security that did not formerly exist.
  • Capacity - The two facilities include a variety of glass cutting, edging, drilling, screen printing, and tempering equipment. The ability to direct production to its most efficient location, provides unmatched agility and flexibility in responding to shifts and growth in customer demand. 
  • Enhanced Capabilities- While Tem-Pace and Spec-Temp have shared a similar historical focus, each excels in its own specific but complementary areas. In addition, both locations enjoy a staff of skilled veterans who anticipate immediately sharing information and best practices. Customers may now look to a single streamlined and simplified one-stop-shop.
About Spec-Temp

Located in Antwerp, Ohio, Spec-Temp is a leading fabricator of a wide range of glass products that serve a variety of end markets. Since 1977, the company has specialized in cutting, drilling, seaming, silk-screening, and tempering glass for high-precision configurations of flat, bent, and insulated glass applications. The company's markets include transportation (limousine, automotive aftermarket, construction and agriculture), food service, home and commercial fixturing, marine, and others.

About Tem-Pace

Founded in 1987 and located in Niles, Michigan, Tem-Pace manufactures custom tempered glass, serving markets such as recreational vehicle, truck cap, door and window, furniture, retail display, lighting, and more. Processes include CNC cutting, edging, and drilling as well as screen printing and tempering.

About The Cypress Companies

The Cypress Companies is a private investment firm specializing in the industrial sector. Located in Akron, Ohio, it provides management services to six operating companies. For more than 15 years, Cypress has enabled responsible growth in its diverse, autonomous companies by offering the right resources for long-term success.