Two Custom Rubber and Plastic Leaders Combine

Middlefield, OH - July 3, 2012 - Today, Universal Rubber & Polymer, Ltd. ("UP&R") is pleased to announce its completion of the acquisition of Dybrook Products, Inc. ("Dybrook"). UP&R is an operating company of The Cypress Companies in Akron, OH.

Dybrook is a leader in custom molded and extruded rubber products, serving the Automotive, Industrial, Commercial, Energy, and other markets and has distinguished itself in continuous cure rubber extrusion and secondary operations. When coupled with UP&R's established strengths in extrusion (both rubber and plastic), molding, secondary operations, and overseas sourcing, customers will enjoy the enhanced capabilities of a more proficient supplier.

Nearly all Dybrook personnel will be retained by UP&R and will initially continue to work at Dybrook's Warren, OH facility to ensure a seamless transition for customers. In time, Dybrook's leased facility will be consolidated into UP&R's Middlefield location that is approximately 30 minutes away.

Immediate customer-facing benefits of the combination include:

  • Redundancy & Backup- Both locations have historically specialized in fast-turn-around, high-mix, low-volume production making them highly complementary. Production will initially remain active in both the Middlefield and Warren, Ohio locations creating a level of security that did not formerly exist.
  • Capacity - The two facilities include a variety of rubber and plastic molding, extrusion, and secondary service equipment. The ability to direct production to its most efficient location, provides agility and flexibility in responding to shifts and growth in customer demand. 
  • Enhanced Capabilities - While UP&R and Dybrook have shared a similar historical focus, each excels in its own specific but complementary areas. In addition, both locations enjoy a staff of skilled veterans who anticipate immediately sharing information and best practices.                                
About Dybrook Products, Inc.

Founded in 1989, Dybrook has held a long-running commitment to develop, produce and deliver, on time molding and extrusion products and services that are competitively priced and totally acceptable to its customers. From its Warren, OH location it has consistently taken a holistic approach to meeting customer needs by offering services from prototyping all the way to finished production. Dybrook maintains both ISO and TS quality certifications.

About Universal Polymer & Rubber, Ltd.

In 1970, rubber tarp straps and gaskets formed the origins of UP&R. Those products remain core to what it does today as a custom manufacturer of molded rubber parts, extruded rubber parts - dense and sponge, as well as extruded plastic. In fact, UP&R is one of the largest suppliers of pipe gaskets today. The company produces primarily domestically, yet maintains international partnerships with Asian suppliers. This flexibility enables UP&R to meet customer needs across a wide variety of polymer compounds, designs, specifications, and desired price points. From the decks of aircraft carriers to flatbed trailers across North America, from fire suppression pumps to automotive brake pedals to water and sewer pipes, UP&R's products can be found almost anywhere.

About The Cypress Companies

The Cypress Companies is a private investment firm specializing in the industrial sector. Located in Akron, Ohio, it provides management services to six operating companies. For more than 15 years, Cypress has enabled responsible growth in its diverse, autonomous companies by offering the right resources for long-term success.